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Israel offers the tourist an exciting contrast of cultures, history, and activities. Ancient cities lie side by side with modern architectural skylines. From skiing on the snowy peaks of Mount Hermon to windsurfing in Eilat, Israel has a wealth of entertainment, sports, cultural events and traditions. Excellent hotels and resorts, geared to accommodate every tourist's dream, are found throughout the country. Restaurants of every persuasion, from haute cuisine to the famous Israeli schwarma, will tantalise your tastebuds like never before. Israel offers a shopping experience like none other - from the typical Middle Eastern markets to the modern, exclusive boutiques - it is a shopper's paradise. Travel back in time and take huge leaps into history in unexpected places.

Israel awaits you.

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Carmel Market The Old City The Old City
From beautiful beaches to the best
night life in the country, Tel Aviv has it all.
Visit the old city of Jerusalem for a
cultural experience like none other.
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